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Sub-projects - Overview

The subprojects as originally planned, are located in Namibia (Herero), Indonesia/Sulawesi (Kaili), and Ivory Coast (Tura).

NAMIBIA / Herero

Dr. Rose Marie BECK, Institut für Afrikanische Sprachwissenschaften, University of Frankfurt
Mr. Tjeripo MUSUTUA, University Center for Studies in Namibia, Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Development

Partner institutions:
Namibia National Farmer's Union (NNFU)
Tjohorongo Kondjee Farmers' Association (TFKA)


Dr. Frank D. WICKL, Institut für Südostasienwissenschaften, University of Frankfurt
Mr. Dr. Hasan BASRI, University of Tadulako (Palu, Central Sulawesi)

Partner institutions:
Tadulako University, Palu, Indonésie
STORMA (DFG-Sonderforschungsbereich, Stability of Rain Forest Margins)


Prof. em. Dr. Thomas BEARTH, Dept. of General Linguistics, University of Zurich
Joseph BAYA, M.A., Man
Lydie Vé KOUADIO, Teacher adviser, Abidjan
Diomandé FAN, agricultural engineer*

Partner institution:
Centre Suisse de Recherche Scientifique (CSRS), Abidjan.

* As a consequence of unforeseen political events Ivory Coast, Diomandé FAN was transferred temporarily from the Tura area to Uganda (Baluli) where he continues to work in agricultural extension for the same NGO. He also continues his thesis project with the University of Kassel (Institute for Sociocultural Studies, Prof. M. Fremerey) on development communication.


Dr. Reinald Döbel, Institute of Sociology, University of Munster
The sociology module is involved in all three sub-projects.
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