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Development project: CSIADCP

The development project CSIADCP (Central Sulawesi Integrated Area Development Project) is the target of our research project. The CSIADCP-Project is directly linked to the establishment of the Lore Lindu National Park, which is located south of the provincial capital of Palu.

The National Park has been established to secure the sustainable use of the area's resources. The borders of the National Park have been set up by the central government in Jakarta. Some villages around the area have been moved to the other locations in the province of Central Sulawesi. However, up to now there are still some enclaves within the borders of the National Park. One village, Katu is located within the National Park itself. The rainforest of the National Park has been used for centuries as the basis for the income of the village populations. The economic use of the natural resources has had many facets. First of all, the area has been used as an extension area for the growing villages. The indigenous population of the villages are slash and burn farmers. They open new land as an extension to the village area because it has become too small to live on. Other resources, like trees, rattan or rare species of birds (and their eggs) have traditionally been used for self-consumption and for an additional source of income. Due to the establishment of the National Park, these resources can now only be used illegally. This situation presents a problem to the economic and social welfare of the villages and its population. As a solution to the problem the CSIADCP development project, which is financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), has been set up. The project area lies entirely in the province of Central Sulawesi. It comprises the administration sub-district (Kecamatan) of Kulawi, Biromaru and Paolo in the district (Kabupaten) Donggala and the sub-districts of Lore Utara, Lore Tengha and Lore Selatan in the district of Poso. These sub-districts are located around the borders of the National Park and cover the area of 127 villages. 60 of these villages are target villages of the development project. The primary goal of the project is the diversification of the economic basis of the villages and the sustainable management of the National Park's resources.

The implementation of the project has been assigned to the national planning authority (BANGDA). BANGDA, in turn, decrees directives for the provincial BAPPEDA authorities. The BAPPEDA office in Palu is responsible for the carrying-out of the projects schedule. Direct contact to the village population is to be set up by the BAPPEDA office in the districts. Concrete measures in the villages are to be carried-out by facilitators. Although the development project has been started in 1999, so far, little has been achieved according to the indigenous population of the villages.

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